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We Need An Alberta Pension Plan Because We Don't Need Ottawa

Pensions are confusing.

Government likes it that way.

The more confused people are about the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP), the less likely they demand meaningful change.

That's a problem, and it's why we've created this short info packet.

It's a simple, aesthetic, concise, overview about the CPP.

The sooner we understand the issues with the CPP, along with the proposed benefits of an Alberta Pension Plan (APP), the sooner we can escape Ottawa's iron grip.

Do you know someone asking about the CPP, or APP? Show them this report, or use it as a presentation! It's free, and yours to use! Send it to your MLA's, MP's, neighbours, family, and friends! All sources are cited at the end, and we want to share it far and wide! Download it, here!

Alberta Pension Plan Report
Download PDF • 2.16MB

In Christ Jesus,

Tanner Hnidey



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