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15-Minute Cities Are Antihuman

15-minute cities are perfect for locking us down. Why would you ever need to travel farther than 15 minutes from your home if all your amenities are 15 minutes away? Why would you ever need to "endanger" your fellow citizens across the city if you can stay within 15 minutes of your yard? The lockdowns in 2020 were draconian enough; I dread to think how much more brutal they could’ve been if government had prepared the infrastructure to enforce their demands indefinitely.

That’s why there’s been a dramatic spike in political demand for 15-minute city structures. The WEF is a significant proponent of this transition. Paris is one of the prime architects for 15-minute city's grand and global design, so it should come as no surprise that the mayor of Paris is supremely socialist.*

15-minute cities are popular with socialists because socialists are concerned with control. Their entire ideology rests on central planning, and you can’t plan a man’s economy if you can’t completely control him. If you can’t control him, you can’t force him to make the 50 loaves of bread you think your nation needs (that’s all the bread there is in a socialist nation).

Like dividing up provinces in Rome, slicing up states in modern nations, or splitting cities into 15-minute tranches, the purpose of geographical division isn’t to decentralize power at the bottom of the political food chain; it’s to cement the centralization of power at the top. The way to guarantee your rule and stability of the empire, especially if you’re a tyrant, is to divide up your kingdom around you. If you don’t split your kingdom into provinces quickly enough, the citizens will do it themselves, and you’ll have no one left to rule.

Already, it was too easy for our governments to lock us down, but bureaucrats blinked when the convoy rolled onto parliament hill. That opportunity won’t be granted a second time if massive centres are divided into 15-minute cities.

Suppose the nation locks down again and restricts freedom for all. If we’re marooned in 15-minute cities, with what power will we be able to say to our leaders, “Let us out! We want to live!”?

Our politicians will simply reply, “My dear citizen, there’s no need to move outside your 15-minute district, because everything you need is right where you belong. There’s no need to burn your big bad diesel; everything you require is within 15 minutes of your home. There’s no need to exhaust fuel and see your friend an hour away; you can phone him on FaceTime. You don’t need to go to the hockey game; you can watch it on tv from your living room. You live in comfort; you never need to leave your 15-minute piece of paradise.

You’re never going to leave your 15-minute island of provision.

Lockdowns, for whatever reason—climate change, rebellion, healthcare, anything at all—could become indefinite. We would be like men enduring a strange, insufferable siege from their own government. We could never say to our officials, “Let me out!” because all we’d hear in reply is,

“No. There’s nothing for you out there. Everything you need, whether food, water, power, or medication, is 15 minutes from home.”

Like they said a year ago, our leaders will say locking us in this little district of ours is for the good of humanity…that’s what they always say. But although they'll claim to uphold the human ideal, the problem with their humanism is that it tends to persecute humans with a more brutal and ruthless tyranny than anything we can dare to comprehend.

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2 תגובות

20 באפר׳ 2023

Only our God can stop this. The majority of us puny humans are to complacent to stop this. The majority of the people in the world would have to put their cell phones down, get up off the couch, quit leaving it up to someone else to do, rise up and prepare for battle. We had our truckers, other countries are having massive protests in the streets and getting no where. The people in all Democracies who still have a little bit of freedoms left must rise up world wide. Governments need to be over thrown world wide.


01 בפבר׳ 2023

Hello Tanner. Once again I thank you for your commentary(s). The way you view and state things that are going on around us and the world is very much appreciated. You have a keen eye and ear to actually see the tyranny and oppression of the diabolical, vile and evil doers in and across our once great nation called Canada. I also appreciate that you are trying hard to help wake the still sleeping masses to the madness and abuses of the so-called powers that be, which is all around us, and must be brought to an abrupt end. The sooner the people wake up, unite and rise up against these vile and evil Satan worshipers the better for all…

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